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Free 100 Grand Bar for Redditors

SKU: 753

A sweet treat for Redditors at Candy Hero - add this to your basket, it's free! This offer is only available until it's not available any more!


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Hey /r/snackexchanger, other redditor, or other random person!

We're running this free item listing as an /r/snackexchange promo for all the redditors in the UK, Europe, or further afield who want to buy some American and other yummy candies from us - just a little something extra to add to your basket, it's on us!

There's no minimum spend to get this offer, however you still have to pay shipping (which is charged at the exact cost based on your basket weight, and is free to the UK when you spend £35+).

If you'd like to know more about this bar, or would like to purchase more than 1 of them, please check out our public listing for the 100 Grand Bar.

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