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Take 5 Bar Gets a Reese's Brand Makeover

The legendary Take 5 chocolate bar has had a brand makeover!

The bright orange wrapper alone gives the new iconic brand away. Take 5 is now officially a Reese's chocolate bar!


Take 5 is the perfect combination of sweet chocolate, salty pretzel, smooth caramel, crunchy peanuts and delicious peanut butter. No ingredients have been changed in this makeover, which means the delicious peanut butter in Take 5 has always been Reese's, which makes you wonder why it wasn't always branded Reese's!

"It’s time the world learns why they’ve always loved  Take5 bars so much,” said Jack Wilder, Reese’s senior brand manager. “But more importantly, it’s time that the  bar goes to its rightful owner"

The old green and black packaging was deemed too understated in the cluttered world of confectionery and sales of Take 5 did not match the high level of consumer love for the product.

Reese's had their fans try out both 'versions' of the chocolate bar before launching the new packaging, nearly ever taster preferred the Reese's branded Take 5. They were all told after tasting that in fact both bars are identical and Take 5 has ALWAYS contained Reese's peanut butter. 

Question is will the new Take 5 packaging work better for you!