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Candy Hero is Moving!

On the 9th June we will begin the move to our new premises on Newhall Business Park in Bradford.

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Win A Mystery Box

It's competition time over on Instagram! Visit @candyheroltd for your chance to win one of our best-selling products of all time - our candy mystery box!

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Top 10 Liquorices for National Liquorice Day

Liquorice, or licorice, is a plant which is actually officially a weed! Liquorice candy is made from an extract of the liquorice root combined with sugar and a binding agent. Liquorice has been given its own official day, April 12th, now known as National Liquorice Day. Here in celebration, we round up our top 10 liquorice of all time!

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American Cooking Measurements Guide

Need help translating the cups, quarts and butter sticks from those American recipes you keep finding on Pinterest? Want to know where you can buy a rutabaga? Find all the answers here in our handy conversion/translation guide.

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The Candy A-Z

An edible alphabet filled with the most unusual, the most tasty and the most awesome candy around!

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Last Christmas Posting Dates 2016

These are our recommended posting dates for getting your candy delivered in time for Christmas.

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