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About Us

What is Candy Hero and why are we here getting everybody hooked on our candy supplies? Read this page to find out more.

Candy Hero Ltd was established in West Yorkshire in December 2008 where we are still based today. Our mission is to supply the finest and most buzzworthy candy from around the world to the UK, Europe, and beyond!

We finally opened the doors to our online store in July 2009 and by July 2010 we'd doubled our original offering of around 20 products. Now, in 2015 we've got a huge and still growing range of over 3000 products for you to choose from - so keep an eye out for new stuff! You can follow our progress on Facebook or Twitter and win free goodies while you do!

Originally focusing on energy candy, we have diversified and added various ranges, nay, paradigms of candy itself! We now stock buckets of mainstream American candy, British retro sweets, Jelly Belly, gamer candy, gifts, and other novelty and specialist items as well as popular treats from around the world. Plus, our original offering of energy products is still going strong. We continue to add new carefully selected products to our line-up, putting us in a position to serve a wider range of customers and the wider needs of our existing customers.

We hope you enjoy shopping at Candy Hero. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any queries.