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Nerds Candy

American Nerds were launched in 1983. These colourful, tiny balls of sweet and sour candy used to be known as Wonka Nerds and owned by Nestle. They have now dropped the 'Wonka' and are owned by Ferrara Candy Company. Nerds are always amongst our top selling products in the UK and Europe.

These days Nerds come in an assortment of different fruity flavours and vivid colours but the original, and possibly still most popular, flavours were grape and strawberry. Some Nerds come in a fun assorted mix of flavours packed into one big box, like 'Rainbow Nerds'. Other Nerds come in duo-flavour packets, like 'For the Love of Nerds'. These two flavours packets have their flavours separated with two pouring slots, so you can choose whether to mix the flavours or eat them separately!

Although the original and most well-known Nerds are the tiny, tangy, crunchy candy, there are now a lot more different varieties of Nerds candy available such as, Nerds Rope, Sour Nerds and Big Chewy Nerds. You can also rely on Nerds to release fun seasonal limited edition flavours like Frosty Nerds at Christmas and Jelly Bean Nerds at Easter. You can buy cases of Nerds candy here and pre-order our seasonal Nerds using your wholesale account.