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Fazer "Blue" Milk Chocolate (200g)

SKU: 330

A generous 200g bar of the famous Fazer Milk Chocolate in its signature "blue" wrapper.

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  • Suitable for vegetarians

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Karl Fazer Milk Chocolate also known as 'Fazer Blue' is part of the Finnish cultural heritage. The iconic Fazer's milk chocolate first appeared in 1922 in its famous blue wrapper symbolising the pure Finnish nature. It is the chocolate that many Finns have grown up with and has turned them into chocolate lovers.

Karl Fazer chocolate is made in Fazer’s factory in Vantaa, Finland from carefully selected natural ingredients. The secret of Karl Fazer's taste lies in the rich and skillful combination of natural raw materials of the highest quality: fresh milk, sugar, cocoa mass and cocoa butter. To this day, the chocolate is made according to the original recipe from 1922.

13 million Karl Fazer Milk Chocolate bars are produced every year.

Expect a rich, velvety, smooth taste when trying Fazer milk chocolate. A definitley must for chocolate lovers and connoisseurs.

Nutritional Information

  per serving per bar
Servings  1  8
Weight  25g  200g
Carbohydrate  12g  98g
of which sugars  12g  96g
Fat  8.3g  66g
Calories  136  1090
Protein  2.8g  22g


Milk Chocolate

Milk, Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Mass, Emulsifier (Soya Lecithin), Salt, Flavourings (Vanilla, Vanillin). Cocoa Solids 30% Minimum and Milk Solids 20% Minimum.

Product of Finland

Dietary Information

  • Suitable for vegetarians

Product Stats

Best before

12th October 2018

Edible contents


Packaged weight


Package dimensions

223mm x 91mm x 12mm

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