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Mystery Chocolate Box

SKU: 68131

Get over £50 of chocolatey goodies for just £19 in this mystery box! See full description below for details!

£19.00 inc VAT

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  • No returns on this item

8 available

This Mystery Chocolate Box contains a random selection of chocolates with a normal price of over £50 for just under £20! Why is it so cheap, you ask? Well, this box contains some or all of the following:

  • Past date items (that are still safe to consume!)
  • Chocolate with damaged packaging
  • Close to expiry date items
  • Discontinued items
  • Surplus stock
  • And some other yummy goodies we've thrown in for fun!

The selection is varied, so you can expect chocolate bars, bags of chocolate, fancy chocolates, chocolate with peanut butter, chocolate coated candy, maybe even a chocolate drink at times!

So if you like a surprise, and some interesting chocolate on a budget - or even as a gift - grab a mystery chocolate box now! Stock levels vary, sometimes we will have these, sometimes we won't!

Please note: Due to the nature of this offer and the contents of the box, refunds and returns are not applicable to this item! Unfortunately we cannot ensure any particular dietary requirements are catered for with this box, so it may not be suitable for vegans, those with allergies, etc.

Also important: The photo is for illustrative purposes only and does not represent what your box will contain. All items in the box will be ones we sell, have sold, or stocked for promotional purposes at some point in time. The £50+ value is based on the prices we generally sell the items for (or used to sell them for, in some cases).

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236mm x 105mm x 305mm

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