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Swedish Fish

The brill-iant Swedish Fish were developed in the 1950s in Sweden specifically for the North American market. Today Swedish Fish are manufactured in Canada under the Maynards' brand. Originally these iconic fish were sole-ly red coloured with a flavour unique to the candy. This eel-y good flavour was a hit with the consumers, who commonly guessed it to be lingonberry. The carp-oration who make Swedish Fish have never confirmed the flavour but say it's no mis-hake the flavour isn't fishy. Swedish Fish are now available in several different colours, shapes and sizes. Swedish Fish have recently seen a pike in sales in the UK due to importers like Candy Hero bream-ing them over from America. Here's all our Swedish Fish in one plaice for you to shop without moving a mussel. Spend your next few squid on the fin-tastic Swedish Fish!